What will a Bridal Consultant do for me?

Services & Benefits to Me

Financial Planner
Organizes the best possible wedding within my budget, making the dollar go further through money-saving suggestions.  Does not push in direction of things you simply can’t afford.

Does the "leg work" for me seeking all reputable vendors based on my budget.

Purchasing Agent
Hires the necessary suppliers, entertainers, caterer, photographer, etc. (upon my approval) keeping my best interest in mind.

Food and Beverage Manager                    
Assists me with menu and beverage planning suggesting ways to serve an elegant meal, yet work within my budget.

Rental Arranger
Assists me with renting tents, tables, chairs, linens, china and any other rentals I may need.

Creative consultant, producer                   
Helps me find unique ideas and entertainment to create a one of a kind fantasy wedding.

Advisor/Dear Abby
Helps to keep my etiquette correct and alerts me to trends on the wedding horizon.

Keeps my plans in order and on time creating a timeline which tells everyone involved what to do and when, including vendors, wedding party and family members. 

Tracks the amounts billed, payments      I've made and my balances due.

Makes sure everything goes smoothly on my wedding day, as we planned.

Time Manager                                                  
Saves me hours even days of time allowing me to spend more free time with my family and friends.

Helps keep peace if there are disagreements between my family and me.          

Helps me keep my "sanity" and helps me enjoy.